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Creating a Lesson

After you create your topics for your subjects, you will now be able to create lessons for live streaming. Go to your dashboard > My Courses and on the subject you want to create a lesson, click edit. (Refer to the image below)


Go to course builder and click the topic you want to teach about, if the topic is not yet created you can add one. Click on “Lesson” tab and add the lesson title and the notes or description of that lesson and click update lesson. (Refer to the image below)

Live Lesson

To create a live lesson, click on “Zoom Live Lesson” tab. Enter Lesson Name e.g the title of the topic your are focusing on in that lesson. Enter the summary of the lesson. NB : Please do not change anything on meeting host. Refer to the image below ”

Schedule Lesson Time

Click on the calendar icon under “Meeting Time” , enter the date > enter the time > leave the meeting duration to 60 minutes. Set the time zone to Johannesburg. Set “Auto Recording” to No Recording. and create the password for that lesson and click save meeting. Refer to the image below.

Once you save the meeting, its going to show on the students’s dashboard for them to know when is the next lesson.

On quiz tab, that’s where you can create a test for your students about that lesson or topic to test their knowledge. Click on “Quiz” tab. Enter the quiz title and description and save. (Refer to the images below)

Now add questions. (Refer to the image below)

Write your question, Select question type on the drop down (Refer to the image below)

Select “Answer Required”. Put the points for that answer. Turn on display points. You may put question description but its optional.

Click ad an option, this is where you put the answer. Save and Continue. (Refer to the image below)

Now select the correct answer from the option answers you put. Refer to the image below.

Go to settings, put time limit you want for the students to finish answering the questions. Hide quiz time display button must be off, then choose default on so that the students can see the answers after finishing answering the questions. Leave “attempts allowed” to 0 so that the attempts will be unlimited. (Refer to the image below)

Enter the pass grade percentage, Maximum questions allowed to answer and click save.(Refer to the image below)

Leave the advanced options as they are.

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