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Creating Your Subjects

This is a part where you create the subjects you are going to teach. Still on your dashboard on the top right you see a button written add a new course (Please note that everywhere you see the word course it refers to subject, refer to our terms and conditions for more information)

On Course Title, White the Title of the subject you are teaching, e.g Grade 5 Mathematics. Then in the description, write the description of that subject. (Refer to the image below).

Skip “Connect with your students using Zoom” for now. You will do that after creating topics for your subject. Set the maximum students to zero which means there is no limit of students. On Difficulty level select “All levels” . Skip Drip Content (Refer to the image below).

On Choose Category you must select the grade for the subject e.g “Grade 5“, and “Primary School“. Course price for primary subjects its R350, and Secondary subjects its R450. Upload the course thumbnail, we will provide your with the appropriate image to upload for your subject. You can contact or use our chat widget on the website. (Refer to the image below)

Create an introduction video that you will email to us, to review and edit. The video must be 16:9 and HD. Introduction videos are very important because before the student enroll the will see it, and the tutor that is going to teach them, so its your chance to market yourself. After we review it and upload it on YouTube, we will send you the link for your video. (Refer to the image below)

On course Builder that’s where most of activities happens. That’s where you create the topics for your subjects, that’s where you communicate with students, that’s where you upload assignments and question and answers to test your students. Click add new topic. (Refer to the image below)

Add Topic Name and Topic Summary. Refer to the image below.

Enter the benefits of that topic, Requirements, Targeted Audience, and Materials included. Refer to the image below.

On course announcements, you can put any announcements that you want the students know about. This can be done even after you finish creating the topic. You can always come back and place announcements as per your need. (Refer to the image below)

Don’t disable question and answer. This is where students can question you and you answer. If you disable it, students won’t be able to place a question.You can also upload attachments for assignments or any study material you want to send to your students. You can skip course pre-requisites or select the grade that the students must finish before they try the next grade. Lastly you need to publish the course and it will be reviewed and published by the admin(Refer to the Image below)

After the course review has been accepted go to your dashboard and click my courses. It will show you the list of subjects you teach .

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